Seven Steps toDevelop the Patience

Lack of enough patience can be a big hurdle amid the journey of your career and relationships. While learning to become more patient, you have to learn self-discipline, self-control and adjourn your feeling of fulfilment. For healing any wound, patience is the key. Simply by learning this crucial skill, you can easily get rid of all your worries and frustration.

When you learn to become patient, you can prevent blunders to happen in hurry. You learn to accept the present situation and start living with it. As you know, life is not imagining about future or living in the past. Enjoying the present moment can only give you real happiness and prevent you from unpleasant sensation. At tough times, you are often suggested by others to remain calm and have patience.

Here are a few steps to elevate your patience level-

  1. Making Decisions on a Long-term Basis-Try to make your decisions after seeing the long-term benefits. At every stage of life, you need to make several small and big decisions. Avoid making decisions in hurry merely based on instant benefits. Analyse your decision by creating a clear mindset for its longer view. How the decision is going to impact your life in the longterm? This will help you to be more patient.
  2. Breathe Out Slowly-When you lose your patience, you get enough time to have deepbreaths. You can instantly get rid of your frustration just by taking three deep breathes. This will develop patience in you.
  3. Handle Your Emotions Wisely-You should have good control over your reactions. When you can easily manage your own emotions, there are least chances for you to be impatient.
  4. Identify What Triggers You-There are a few common instances that make you impatient. You need to identify those triggers and be aware that you easily lose your patiencewith them. You can easily make a masterplan against those to escape from being impatient at the moment. 
  5. Relax Your Body Instantly-When you lose your patience, you unwillingly tense your muscles. You should learn to relax your muscles instantly by taking slow breaths from your toes to your head. Calming your body will increase ample patience in you and you can make a wise decision thereafter by remaining in peace.
  6. Keep a Buffer Between Each Activity-Usually, we are very short-tempered and we quickly shift from one activity to another. When you wait for long, you become anxious. Take a break between two activities and give some time to your mind to prepare for the next. Try doing one thing at a time. This way is found quite effective in increasing patience and harmony among people.
  7. Listen Patiently- It is quite tough for impatient people to listen to others. They love to share their views but lack enough patienceto listen to others. You should practice listening patiently to others and taking your time to visualize what they have said. This will slow down your annoying conversation and will increase your patience level.

Final Words

In this technological world, where every task has become just a game of a few clicks, we often lose our patience and get irritated easily in any annoying situation. Minor things like a traffic jam, ups and downs in business and disappointment in examination results upset us very easily. The above tips are going to help you to increaseyour patience for sure.