Can Meditation be a Medicine?                                                  

In today’s world, because of huge uncertainty prevailing everywhere, fear and anxiety have become a common problem for everyone facing job insecurities. Sometimes, daily stressors exceed a limit and spoil your inner self, consequently, you start indulging in numerous health issues. Meditation has become a common medicine for all these problems and has proven a winning strategy to strongly face real-life struggles. It provides mental peace and stability so that you can make your important lifedecisions wisely.


Role of Meditation in Dealing with Stress

It has been proved by various scientific researchesthat mindfulness meditation augments mood and quality of thoughts. It also helps in enhancing memory, prevents distraction and allows to deal better with emotional triggers. Meditation elevates your quality of life and you are better able to enjoy your life with better brain functioning.Merely by practising mindful meditation, you can skip various medicines for the issues like anxiety, anger and others. Thus, meditation can be said as the best medicine for many psychological and emotional problems with hundreds of psychological and cognitive benefits.

How Meditation Can Act as a Medicine?

When you practice meditation in your daily life, it calms your mind and thoughts, allows you to sleep better and have a more positive attitude towards your life. While facing huge stress at your work, stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine are released. These hormones further elevated our heart rate and blood pressure.

Cardiovascular stress is harmful and can cause several other diseases like kidney failure, heart attack or stroke etc. Meditation helps in lowering heart rate and blood pressure that also reduce the risk of heart diseases. By practising meditation, we can simply calm our nerves and allow our body to function normally. During this intoxicating time, you inhale enough oxygen and increase the blood circulation of your body.  It improves the immunity system, reduces inflammation, accelerates fertility and allows a lot of other health benefits. It also helps in weight loss for people dealing with obesity.

Including Meditation in Your Daily-Life

There is no need to be stressed justto take meditation seriously. There are also many informal ways to practise meditation and you can choose one that fits best to your lifestyle. A few easy ways are deep breathing, concentrating, prayer, listening to calming music, practising yoga etc. There is no hard and fast rule to practice any particular kind of meditation. You can choose one as per your comfort and suitability. There are numerous emotional benefits of practising Yoga like easy stress management, living in present, self-awareness, better creativity and increased patience as well as tolerance etc. All these things make your life joyful in every way and you evolve as a better human being.