Does overthinking hinder your potential? Mindfulness Meditation is your solution.

Overthinking is thinking too much. It is moving through the same thoughtsagain and again that are discomforting to you. You get stuck among thoughts that don’t keep so much importance in your life and you are unable to take any productive action. Your brain stops responding on time and the conversion process gets slow. Inability to react on time productively creates a feeling of stress and anxiety in you.

Few Strong Signs That You Are Overthinking

A few clear signs of overthinking are-

  • Thinking and analysing past events or situations.
  • Criticizing your own decisions and second-guessing as well as regrets.
  • Repeating your mistakes again and again
  • Memorizing your tough or painful chats that hurts you
  • Possessing the things that you can’t control
  • Visualizing the worst situation or consequence
  • Linking your present worries with unalterable past or unanticipated future
  • Raising questions but not reaching any fruitful decision.

How Overthinking Hinders Your Life’s Potential?

Overthinking is just like something is constantly happening in your mind and thoughts that are beyond your control. Overthinking impacts your life in several ways as it alters the way you interact and engage with the world. You are unable to make important decisions in your life, you can’t enjoy the present with a free mind and your precious energy gets drained which is required for dealing with daily-life struggles and workchallenges.

When you are constantly thinking about a saddening past or imagining a shattering future, your thought patterns become more destructive rather than constructive. This can impair your mental health as well as physical health. It hinders your confidence.Studies have proved that pondering over traumatic events for a long time can lead to stress and anxiety. This is not good from a mental health point of view. Anxiety can hinder your potential as it reduces your ability to cope with daily-life stress and depression may create negative feelings in you like loneliness, emptiness or sorrow. It also affects your relationships. You are occupied with lots of doubts and insecurities.

Few physical symptoms of anxiety and depression are-

  • Nausea
  • Nuisances
  • Lethargy
  • Distress sleeping
  • Unexpected Changes in appetite
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Other health issues

Few General Ways to Stop Overthinking

To stop overthinking, you can try following things-

  • Live the present to your fullest and be mindful of the same.
  • Adopt a positive Approach to Your life.
  • Accept that few things are unchangeable and stop regretting those.
  • Distracting your mind from traumatic thoughts and moving towards some positive hobby or exercise.
  • Be thankful for what you have.
  • Practise meditation to calm your mind.
  • Be gentle towards yourself and don’t be harsh at your decisions.

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help to Stop Overthinking?

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of slowing down your thoughts, waivingoff your negativity and calming your mind as well as the body. Mindfulness meditation is a combination of mindfulness and meditation that is described as a state that encourages you to focus on your present, accept your thoughts, feelings and sensations without criticizing and judging too much.  This mental training practice simple involves deep breathing, body as well as mental awareness. This is the simplest form of meditation, as it does not involve any arrangements like essential oils, candles, etc. While meditating, make sure that your mindset is entirely free of any verdict.