Loneliness kills you, but aloneness gives you power.

Spending your time with people is good for self-improvement, but at the same time it may create a lot of distractions and you are unable to focus on your life’s important goals. Sometimes, solitude is essential for a healthy body and mind. It helps you to concentrate on yourself rather than focusingon society’s trivial issues. It is essential to give time to yourself for life satisfaction and self-awareness.

Loneliness is completely a different thing. People usually get confused between loneliness and solitude. You can feel loneliness even if you are sitting in a group. On the other hand, few people spend ample time with themselves and still do not feel alone.It has been proved thatsolitude has a great ability to reduce your feeling of loneliness. Merely by practising solitude, you can enjoy being alone and you will be more comfortable with your own company. Solitude provides you with mental strength which is essential to attain your highest potential.

Here are some incredible benefits of spending time in solitude-

  1. You Can Better Know Yourself-Being alone, you can make better decisions without getting influenced by others’ perspectives. You can choose how you will spend your time. By spending more time with yourself, you are better able tounderstand yourself. Consequently, you stay confident in your decisions even if surrounded by opposite people. Your hesitation in keeping your viewpoint will disappear.You will know what exactly you want by adopting noting technique and attaining stability within.
  2. Healthier Relationships-It has been observed that when you spend excessive time with others such as family members, friends and colleagues, you get less time to know yourself. Sometimes, people in the surrounding are quite different and you have less understanding for them. When you choose solitude, your quality of thoughts improves and your capacity to adjust with anyonein any situationrises. You build more empathy for others and thus your relationships automaticallyflourish.
  3. You Become More Creative and Productive-You will see most artists, musicians and other creative professionals prefer solitude for performing outstandingly in their creative work. Privacy takes their creativityto the next level and they are flooded with lots of creative ideas in their solitude. Thus, they can better concentrate on their work with their elevated productivity.
  4. Stay Psychologically Fit-It may take time to be comfortable with yourself. As soon you adopt solitary skills, you will see dramatic changes in your mental strength. You will feel you are becoming stronger from inside day by day, by remaining unaffected bythe terrible surrounding. People practising solitude are seen as less traumatic and gladder. They enjoy their life to the fullest by having internalserenity. Also, they are less prone to psychological diseases such as depression.
  5. Enjoy Life’s Individual Dreams and Plans- People spend the majority of their time fulfilling shared goals with their family and co-workers. There is an equal need to focus on individual life’s goals and dreams. You must have your plans for life and individual preferences. Solitude will help you to focus on your dreams and goals by keeping you away from the rush and social distractions, where you forget your own life’s values and dreams.