The Science of Presence

Science is now enlightening people in many ways and allows us to easily understand our minds and thought patterns. One can build up his or her capacity to augment health and relationships by understanding the science behind presence and practising it in the right way. It can help us to buildmeaningful connections with the world outside.

In this article, we are going to discuss different basic concepts of various studies revealing the three facets of mental lives-attention, intention and awareness. It will help you to flourish your mental health and bloom your relationships.

Pillars of Mind Training

Studies have shown that there are three stages one needs to pass through for reaching awareness. The science behind the presence says that through mindful meditation practices, one can train his or her mind to live in present and attain better awareness. These facets of mind training are focusing attention, nurturing awareness and cultivating generous intention.

Various common ground findings have shown that the mind is a miraculous centre of energy and information flow. We need to make the right efforts to direct theflow of energy and information by allowing the mind to learn the mental process of attention. Just as a light strengthens what it perceives, we need to conserve our mind’s endless energy to come up with more attention and focus.

Four Facets of Mind

In the journey of strengthening our minds, we need to first start nurturing our capacity to focus attention. It is the first pillar of the mind. We can assume the mind to have four facets linked to brain functioning.

  • Information Processing
  • Consciousness
  • Subjective Experience
  • Self-Organization

Each facet of the mind hasnascent properties of the mind-system that can be seen as energy and information flow. It occurs within the body and also outside the body, between the body and external entities like people or nature. The relational facet of our mind can be defined as our ability to stay interconnected with people and the earth.

What keeps us connected? The energy and information exchange allows us to stay connected with each other and the world. This is the fundamental trait of our relationships. Thus, we can see that we have an “inter-mind”, a mind that exists in between different relationships lives and also there is an inner mind evolving through the physical energy and information flow. Thus, the mind is both interpersonal as well as personified.

Beyondthe mind’s astounding ability to be aware or conscious, there is also subjective experience residing within that awareness. There is also a third facet that exists with or without consciousness. Surprisingly, most of our thinking is not in consciousness.

The fourth facet of the mind helps to outline a healthy state of mind that actually should be. This fourth facet of the mind is defined as an emergent, self-organizing, personified and interactive process.


The above article is going to make you aware of the science behind mind and practice to make you understand your mind’s endless energy to drive the same for desired outcomes.