Meditation is one of the most prevalent activities used for reducing stress nowadays. It is entirely a harmless way of relieving stress that simultaneously improves the overall health of a person. This practice is done in many forms and sometimes is connected tosome spiritual practices. Meditation can change the way you perceive your stress in the following ways-

  • When meditation becomes your habit in daily life, you become resilient to unwelcome circumstances.
  • You can use meditation techniques to concentratewhen you become hab by excessive stressful emotions.
  • You can improve your body’s response to stress and relax by using meditation as a quick stress reliever.
  • Mindful meditation is used for weight loss and healthy eating habits.

Meditation helps to calm your mind and body which reduces physical as well as emotional stress. It then helps in making you feel refreshed, active and more resilient to hard situations by keeping a positive and healthy attitude towards stress. Regular practice for weeks or months will allow you to experience a major change in the way how you perceive stress.

Including Meditation in Your Daily Routine

Meditation is just sitting at a place in a relaxing posture and decluttering your mind from negative thoughts. You start focusing and clearing all thoughts from your mind. You may choose your own style of meditating, either you may concentrate on a sound, count your breaths, chant a mantra or do anything else to practice silence in your mind. Only the concern is to stop your mind to allow any new thought to enter.

One must spend at least 20 minutes in meditation and keep mind distraction-free. The length of the meditation session may differ as per the choice and stamina of a person. Usually, longer meditation sittings offer better benefits. To be consistent and more patient during meditation hours, one must start at a slow pace and gradually increase time and effort.

When people start with tough meditation exercises with longer sessions, they may feel it terrifying to be consistent for a prolonged period and make it a part of their daily routine.It is better to start with some easy meditation practices that comfort you and slowly move to the next level. Usually, people think that they can meditate better in a silent atmosphere with privacy, but skilled meditators are expert enough to practice anywhere. Most meditation practitioners connect meditation with spirituality, but others consider it a materialistic practice. Each type of meditation has its own importance and there is no wrong way of meditating.

How does Meditation Affect Stress in Human Body?

When we face stressful situations in our daily life, our bodies prepare us to fight them automatically. Our bodies are responsive to stress. A little amount of stress is helpful and necessary for our overall development. But, when you stay in an anxious state for a prolonged period, it can adversely affect each part of your body.

Meditation reacts in the body just opposite to stress. It helps your body quickly heal from the adverse effects of stress and triggers the body's relaxation response. Through meditation, your body reestablishes the calming state and repairs itself automatically. It also prevents further physical damage that may occur out of stress. It brings serenity to your body as well as the mind by silencing the stress-persuaded thoughts that trigger your body’s stress response.

Importance of Body’s Relaxation

Meditation not only calms your mind and soul but also your body. After practising regular meditation, human seeks direct physical relaxation part from mental. Thus, through meditation one gets a double dose of relaxation that builds a long-term resilience in a person that comes along with consistent meditation exercise.

Research has shown that a person meditating regularly starts watching a magical change in their stress-coping ability and their perception of stress. They feel that they can easily recover from any stressful situation as compared to earlier. Also, they start feeling less trouble from the challenges of daily life and feel confident about handling them effectively without any worries.

As a result of regular meditation exercises, a person feels a lot of positive changes in his/her mood and quality of thoughts. It inspires him/her to strongly face the forthcoming challenges instead of taking excess stress. Through a positive mindset, he/she is better able to bring smart solutions to any problem. Slowly, a regular meditator becomes less reactive to any stressful situation, rather he/she thinks about sorting out the things by taking them positively.

The constant practice of refocusing your thoughts and aligning them to a positive mindset helps you to prevent indulging in negative thought patterns. It helps you to discharge stress easily. Thus, there are numerous benefits of practising meditation in daily life and it will also help you in your personal development.