While talking about aligning with one’s authentic self, you may think ofyour true desires and drives, but in realism, it is a much deeper concept. When you go in search of your authentic self, it may be based on your ego, memories, earlier decisions, former experiences and intuitive thought patterns.  

If we go in-depth, your true self completely resides in you that is unbiased and unaffected by others and your environment. It may be your inborn traits and real nature that remain with you for a lifetime and goes along with you in your grave. It is inventive, enduring, fond and peaceful that offers you supreme satisfaction. Following your true self is just the most satisfying thing on earth. You can find it nowhere else. It can be compared to an endless treasure that truly resides within you for an everlasting period. 

An egoistic mind is always unreal that keeps you apart from your trueself and genuineness. 
Nothing matters, your belonging community, the profession you opted for, your caste or race. People may run behind the same goals, still, they have unlike experiences just because they carry different authentic selves which creates the difference.  The inner self is always unique in everyone. One can have enduring happiness only after aligning with his or her authentic self. 

Nothing can work like magic as meditation to bring you closer to your authenticityand make you more authentic in every way. It flushes out the unreal attitude that you adopt out of your society and the people in your surroundings. 

Here are the five ways in which meditation helps you to be authentic or genuine-

1)    Lessens Stress and Enhances Inner Calmness- When you meditate every day, it builds up your confidence to notice your usual thinking pattern and stayfirm from inside while facing every thought that you come across along with each breath. When you learn to throw away your ego-based thoughts every day, you gain better control over your mind and thoughts to align them in the right direction. You save your energy from getting wasted on trivial and stressful thoughts that don’t matter. A long-term meditation practice helps you to nurture inner peace and be your true self. 
2)    You Stops Judging and Starts Loving- Meditation not only reduces stressful thoughts but also helps you to foster feelings that symbolizes love and empathy. We stop judging people and start accepting things as they are. When you judge people, you show your contradicting behaviour which creates stress. When you practice the art of acceptance, you develop inner peace and calmness inside. You start living a meaningful life while pausing mysterious
3)    Upsurges Innovation &Insight- A distracted mind can never nurture great thoughts. To be creative and innovative, you must have a peaceful mind to foster creativity in it. A peaceful mind can only think freely and generate innovative ideas. It inspires others and can bring a major change in society. Decluttered mind will allow you to connect yourself with the natural creativity that we all have. 
4)    Discover True Desires, Values & Life’s Real Goals- When you attain natural creativity and intuitiveness with decluttered mind space, you start listening to your heart’s voice and considering your gut’s health. These things become more important to you rather than your mind’s ceaseless chatter and conflicting emotions. When egoistic mind chatter is ignored, you start discovering your true purpose in life, your values and your genuine desires. 
5)    Find Genuine Happiness in Your Life- After getting rid of your orthodox ego-based thought patterns, you are free to use your mind space for productive purposes. Thus, you align yourself with your authentic self that is pure, loving, caring, compassionate and inspired. You find instantly find the hidden paradise that resides in you and was unveiled yet due to egoistic and polluted thoughts. You will get the true happiness that you deserve. When you give ample time to live the unadulterated present moment, you start experiencing the seamless inherent happiness hidden in you.